Carlos David Trujillo, an experimental filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist, delves into the intricate dynamics of identity in our digital age. As a first-generation American and immigrant from Caracas, Venezuela, Trujillo's work seamlessly melds humor, alter egos, and nostalgic elements, shedding light on the profound impact of reality TV and mobile content creation on the contemporary human experience.

His distinctive approach involves the meticulous documentation of various self-portraits presented through moving images, screenshots, screen recordings, films, memes, music videos, text-based works, performances, and site-specific installations. Having engaged in international residencies at the ARoS Museum in Denmark and Art Quarter Budapest in Hungary, Trujillo's artistic perspective has been enriched by diverse cultural influences. Notable among his solo exhibitions is "There Is Something Here" at Flux Factory in Queens, New York.

Trujillo's artistic endeavors have earned recognition through esteemed grants, including the Queens Arts Fund New Works Grant and the City Artist Corps Grants from The New York Foundation for the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


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Luis Figo shot on 35 mm for IVP Sports. 

Extract from Podcast: El Enganche adapted as a visual podcast 

FIGO: Los Campeones, juegan aquí.
30 second commercial for international fútbol superstar Luis Figo,
produced by @charliesquaremedia in Florida, 2018. 

Mami, no me gusta el fútbol.
IGTV VIDEO published the day of the 2018 World Cup Finals.
The video is comprised of miniclips from every single game, recorded using Instagram’s
camera and effects. Overlaid with images from the celebration and despair of both teams.